Kinetic Shadows (2002) by Gary Galbraith is a dance work for 6 dancers and 5 musicians, and video art, and was simultaneously performed in Cleveland and Los Angeles with cast members in each location using high speed network technologies to bring the performers together via live video stream and surround sound audio.

Behind the Scenes of Kinetic Shadows (2002) – A look behind the scenes during the creation of Kinetic Shadows

Distant Encounters (2009) by Gary Galbraith is a choreographic demonstration utilizing new technologies in holographic-like visualization systems. For this demonstration, both dancers are performing live with no prepared or prerecorded video but one of them is in a remote location. The video signal is transmitted to presentation system on stage to create the life like presence via simulated high speed networks but, the illusion is that the dancers are performing together. Though in different locations, each dancer is able to see each other and interact accordingly. (See full demonstration with introduction)