The Master of Fine Arts degree, available with emphasis areas in choreography, performance, pedagogy, and complementary courses in dance science, is a terminal pre-professional degree. Candidacy for the MFA program requires an undergraduate degree with (ideally) a major in dance, equivalent training and experience, or demonstrable potential for work at the MFA level. In addition, each candidate must provide evidence of technical skill and creative ability. Participation as a part-time student is not recommended.

Every MFA candidate is expected to fulfill the comprehensive requirements and demonstrate a high level of professional standards and scholarship regardless of specific career goals.  Upon advisement, candidates may orient a focus in performance, choreography, or teaching. However, each candidate must successfully produce and present an MFA Thesis concert.Requirements for the MFA degree include:

  1. A minimum of 60 semester hours of graduate work beyond the bachelor’s degree
  2. A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 for all course work on the graduate level
  3. Completion of the course requirements for the MFA Thesis Portfolio
  4. Successful completion of the third year in performance in the Mather Dance Center mainstage season

Specific requirements for the MFA degree are as follows:

18-24 hours of dance technique 18-24
12 hours of choreography 12
3 hours of Production Resources (costume and lighting) 3
MUDE 501 Special Reading (M.M. and M.A.) 1
MUDE 501 Special Reading (M.M. and M.A.) (MUDE 501 is to be taken twice for a total of 2 credit hours) 1
3 hours of contemporary dance history 3
3 hours of music resources 3
12-15 hours of kinesiology, pedagogy, or allied fields, chosen in consultation with advisor 12-15
6 hours of creative thesis 6
Total Units 60-62