Although the graduate dance program is geared toward the Master of Fine Arts degree, all graduate students begin in the MA program. Advancement to the MFA program occurs upon faculty recommendation to the Dean of Graduate Studies in the third semester. The course work for the MA may be similar to that for the Master of Fine Arts, enhanced by related studies in theater and other departments. The candidate’s program of study will be designed by the primary dance faculty. The School of Graduate Studies and the Department of Dance, in accordance with the Ohio Department of Higher Education, requires a minimum grade point average of 3.0.

MA candidates must complete a minimum of 30 hours, following a program similar to that suggested below. The principal faculty advisor may suggest modifications.

Technique Classes: 9-12
DANC 417
& DANC 418
Advanced Modern Dance Technique I
and Advanced Modern Dance Technique II
DANC 403
Fourth-Year Modern Dance Technique I
DANC 460
& DANC 461
Ballet Technique for Modern Dance Students I
and Ballet Technique for Modern Dance Students II
Choreography: 6-9
DANC 414
The Craft of Choreography
DANC 415
Choreography and Music
DANC 416
Choreography and Theatrical Elements
Eurhythmics: 12
MUDE 501 Special Reading (M.M. and M.A.) 1
2-6 hours in Kinesiology and topics in dance medicine, science, and wellness: 2-6
DANC 445/446 Kinesiology for Dance 3
One of the following suggested advanced electives: 3
DANC 535
Modern Dance Pedagogy
DANC 455
History of Modern Dance
DANC 505 Music Resources for Modern Dance 3
Project-oriented seminars: 2-4
DANC 601
Special Projects
Total Units 

30=40 (total credits depends on a three semester or four semester plan.)

The program recommends The School of Graduate Studies’ plan B, with requirements including a non-performance, non-production thesis on a topic approved by the primary program faculty. The thesis must be a substantial contribution to the field, with potential for publication or presentation. The MA thesis must be completed no later than one academic year beyond the completion of the course requirements.