Fall MaDaCol Production Opens November 29

The Department of Dance at Case Western Reserve University is pleased to announce this fall’s production of MaDaCol (Mather Dance Collective) presented on November 29 and 30 at 8:00 p.m. and December 1 at 7:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Performances will feature new dance works by graduate students Brandon Gregoire, Yizhen Hu, and Yuting Zhao.

MaDaCol, one of the university’s oldest undergraduate student organizations, offers an important creative outlet for CWRU graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, staff and the greater Cleveland community members.

About the Works:

Brandon Gregoire, a second-year graduate student, premieres Down & Through for 19 dancers. The work examines a physical representation of how people internalize an array of pain, struggle, and grief. Emotional boundaries are personified through the dancers’ bodily contact with one another leaving the viewer as a witness to the relief and release experienced when there is nowhere left to go, but up.   

Metro Life, choreographed by second-year graduate student Yuting Zhao, draws inspiration from the daily commute on a subway in big cities. When dozens of random people are confined in a small carriage, their bodies touch, but their minds are far apart. To music by David Heath, this piece asks: with all the disturbances in the modern world, can we still ‘see’ the human being beside us?

Third-year graduate student Yizhen Hu makes use of the music by Meredith Monk and Katie Geissinger in her latest work for MaDaCol.. Inevitable explores the emotional experiences of death and loss. Hu investigates the struggles of grief and the frustrations of helplessness, along with the realization of the unavoidable mortality of human life.


Tickets and Location:

All performances take place at Mather Dance Center located at 11201 Bellflower Road, on the Case Western Reserve University campus. All tickets are $7 and may be purchased at Mather Dance Center prior to each performance. Cash or check only is accepted upon purchase. Early arrival is suggested due to limited seating. No reservations and no advance sales will be made.