Fall MaDaCol Concert

The Department of Dance at Case Western Reserve University will present the Fall MaDaCol (Mather Dance Collective) production on November 30 and December 1 at 8 p.m., and December 2 at 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

MaDaCol, one of the university’s oldest undergraduate student organizations, offers an important creative outlet for CWRU graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, staff and greater Cleveland community members. The performance will feature new dance works by second-year graduate students Xiaomeng Zhao, Yizhen Hu, and MFA alumnae, Dani Dowler. More than fifty dancers from a diverse range of performance backgrounds will perform in the production.

Xiaomeng Zhao describes her piece Perpetual Motions in this poem: “Clock is the spring of time. The hands are chasing the day and night. They keep running and running, steady and well aligned. The gears will rust, batteries will die, but the time will not stop. We can turn the clock hands, we cannot touch the time. The time itself will continue its flow. Steady and well-aligned”.

In Water, by Yizhen Hu, draws inspiration from the delight in pondering the movement of fish in their aqueous environment and how they navigate individually or in small or large groups through streams, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.  

Dani Dowler’s Light Finds Us was initially inspired by the sculptures and writings of artist Lisa Snellings. Drawing from Snellings’ work, as well as a strong physical connection to the music composed by Mark Summer, the piece uses spatial and temporal dynamics, group interactions, and percussive movement to create an atmosphere of boundless, soulful joy.

All performances take place at Mather Dance Center located at 11201 Bellflower Road, on the Case Western Reserve University campus. All tickets are $7 and may be purchased at Mather Dance Center prior to each performance. Early arrival is suggested due to limited seating. No reservations and no advance sales will be made.