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Friends of Dance

Founded in the late 1970s, Friends of Dance continues to be a support organization committed to enhancing and supporting the dance department. Working with the dance department, members of Friends of Dance foster support for CWRU’s dance department through fundraising, education and special events. Through financial assistance and, importantly, contributions of time, energy and talent, this distinguished and devoted organization augments support for artistic endeavors and a wide range of educational pursuits for the emerging artists within the dance department.

Please join us today!

Members are listed in all concert programs and receive notification of special events. Members are also cordially invited to attend all post-concert receptions to meet the artists.

Supported Programs

Friends of Dance continue to support various programs and events. A small sample of some of the contributions that Friends of Dance has offered is:

  • Special Guest Artists
  • International Summer Workshops
  • International Experience
  • Other special events
Page last modified: October 19, 2017