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Mather Dance Collective Performance to Feature Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students and Community Members

The Department of Dance at Case Western Reserve University will presentSpring MaDaCol 2013, April 18 at 8 p.m., April 19 at 8 p.m., and April 20 at 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Performances will feature new dance works by graduate students, Karina Browne and Danielle Dowler, a senior capstone dance piece by Jacob Marx, and a new work choreographed by CWRU alumna Kristy Clement.

About the Works:
Senior undergraduate dance and physics major, Jacob Marx, will be presenting his capstone project L’ombre d’un Rêve. The title of the piece, which translates to “the shadow of a dream,” questions the connection between dreams and the real world. The work is based off of “La Rêve,” a painting by Salvador Dali infused with movement derivative of Gaga technique.

Danielle Dowler, a second year graduate dance student, will be presenting a new work titled Themiscyra set to music by Clint Mansell. The piece is inspired by a previous solo study and features all female dancers. The work investigates ritualistic action while using strong movements to explore space and dynamics.

Second year graduate student, Karina Browne will present a new work titledDirty Orchestra. This work, set to various musical selections by Black Violin and is inspired by orchestral themes. Browne’s piece has a modern, hip-hop twist and plays on themes of music visualization.

CWRU alumna, Kristy Clement, returns to set, Efficiency, the last piece of a trilogy of works portraying satirical and fantastical environments that reflect upon human shortcomings. “Sometimes in the attempt to make our lives’ easier we apply complicated systems or use technology that creates new sets of problems and obstacles” Clement states. Madne$$ andCreatures of Habit were both previously presented parts of the trilogy. InEfficiency, Clement brings to life an inventor and her circus of human machine parts.

MaDaCol is a student organization that offers a creative and important outlet for CWRU students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, staff and Greater Cleveland community members. In 2013, 42 dancers from these diverse backgrounds will be participating in the production.

Tickets and Location:
Mather Dance Center is located at 11201 Bellflower Road, on the Case Western Reserve University campus. Tickets are $5 for general admission and may be purchased at Mather Dance Center prior to each performance. Early arrival is suggested due to limited seating. No reservations and no advance sales will be made.

Page last modified: November 14, 2013